Carlos Becerra brings Unique Dining Experience to San Diego

February 27, 2020



Dinner with a view

Dinner With A View is an intimate and limited-time pop-up dining experience. Guests will enjoy a 3-course blind menu which takes place in clear frameless geodesic domes. The meals are masterfully created by our celebrity chef using locally sourced ingredients.

The Dinner With A View domes are inspired by different regions of the earth and are transformed into terrariums with distinct terrains such as tundra, tropical, grasslands, arid and boreal forest.

Dinner with a view forest theme

Guests arrive to a picturesque waiting area from where they can enjoy various drinks from our fully licensed bars before being seated in their dome. Once seated in their dome, guests will experience world-class dining that is partnered with a full menu of beverages carefully curated by our sommelier and mixologist.

The Dinner With A View pop-up experience lasts approximately 30 days with three daily seating’s – at 5:30pm, 7:30pm, and 9:30pm. There is anywhere between 30-40 domes, each seating 4 to 6 patrons. The event in Vancouver is expected to service 10,000+ guests for the duration of the event with approximately 375 patrons on site at any given time.

Please note, each Dinner With A View event is dynamic and as such, there may be small variations for select events from the information mentioned above.

We work to develop custom sponsorship programs and opportunities as we know each sponsor has different
requirements and financial involvement.
We look to grow long term with our sponsors as we seek 1-3 year sponsorships nationally. Sponsorship opportunities
may include brand recognition on touch points throughout the event (welcome area, menu, drinks, signage), social
media presence, product placement, exclusive access and more.

Please contact Caitlin Walkinshaw at to schedule a meeting.